Color coding

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:36:14 PDT
Dear All:
               Color coding is useful. Of course one can give one color to 
South Africans, another for Californians, and so on. In our case, we have 
used them for 15 years and have solved a lot of problems. Our main one is 
that we have year round rains (a blessing for normal plants tho) and with 
thousands of pots it could be easy to leave a dormant plant uncovered and 
thus lose it to rot. Therefore, we use only two colors, green labels for 
winter growers (of course, summer dormant) and orange labels for warm  
growers (and of course winter dormant). Labels are the vynil ones they sell 
in the States which are the best material and last for several years, six 
years being an average, not sensitive to UV but sensitive to extreme heat in 
which case they become soft and deformed. Red labels (of the same material 
and of the same brand) were too brittle and blue ones too bright to read 
what was written on them.  What we obtain from this double coding is that 
all plants of the same cycle are exposed to the weather when needed and on 
the contrary the others are protected.

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