Kalwerbossie & Rabassam

John Bryan johnbryan@worldnet.att.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 13:41:12 PST
Dear Shawn;
It would appear the name kalwerbossie is derived from kalwers as the
plant was used by the Hottentots for the cure of some diseases in
cattle, especially for "worms in calves" whence the vernacular name
bossie being Dutch for bush, thus the name refers to the Bush used as a
remedy for worms. Rabassam is a Cape Malay corruption of 'rabas' most
commonly in reference to Pelargonium antidysentericum a decoction of the
plant's rootstock being used by Hottentots in milk decoctions for
anaemias and weakness. It was the name used by the Hottentots for this
plant, and consequently extended to others by the colonists from the
similarity of use. I hope this is of some help. Cheers, John E. Bryan

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