TOW difficult seed

Jane McGary
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 23:07:12 PST
Uli wrote,
>The most difficult seed to germinate sofar I found Sandersonia aurantiaca. I 
>was told it needs stratification (cold treatment) but this only produced one 
>single seedling. Rachel Saunders states in the Silverhill Catalogue that
it may 
>take up to five years to germinate..... perhaps I was too impatient.....
>Does anybody have sucess in germinating this in reasonable time?

Once I got some from a seed exchange (I think it was the AGS) and every
seed germinated in a matter of weeks. Perhaps the seed needs to be stored
dry at room temperature for a period? That certainly improves germination
on some South American seeds.

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

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