Brodiaea, Calochortus, and Triteleia

Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:27:36 PST
Mary Sue -

More thoughts on Calochortus. The only species you mention is C. weedii (I
assume var. weedii, since I know Bob Werra grows that). Technically, it is
not a "Mariposa" but a "Cyclobothra" - but the same comments apply. Species
from S. California and dryer areas are notorious for germinating and coming
up "like gang-busters" initially - then "damping off" (which I understand is
a form of rot apparently occurring at the soil surface) from too much water
and/or too high humidity. Jim grew all his bulbs outdoors in Sonoma county,
and rapidly discovered he could not grow the dryer southerners or desert
species that way - even at 8 air miles from the ocean, our air was too humid
for them, and even with late planting. Your circumstances are much worse for
these species, of course.

But take heart !! See Diana's article on how she grows "more difficult
species" in the Eureka area, in Vol. XIII, No. 3 of Mariposa (January 2002).
It tells how she overcomes the "damping off" problem for the dryer species.

Hopefully she will sit down at the computer and add more of her wisdom for
you in a day or two.

---------- Georgie

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