Pacific BX 10

Dell Sherk
Tue, 08 Oct 2002 16:52:08 PDT
Dear All,

     The items listed below have been donated by PBS members for
sharing. If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me
PRIVATELY at <>. Include "BX 10" in the subject line.
Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify
quantities.  Availability is based on a first come, first served system.
When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find included with them a
statement of how much money (cash or check) you should send the PBS
treasurer for you order. Each item costs US$2.00 to cover first-class
postage and packing. It is a good idea to include you snail mail address
too, in case I don't already have it.
    Some of you are members of the PBS discussion forum but not members of
THE PBS. Consider joining the PBS so that you can take advantage of future
offers such as this. Or contact me at
    If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS, please send
clean, clearly labeled material to: Dell Sherk, PO Box 224, Holicong, PA
18928, USA.

Pacific BX 10


From Robert Parker:

1. Iris spuria Eleanor McCown's 'Imperial Bronze'
2. Iris spuria mixed: white, yellow, viloet blue
3. Iris spuria 'Tiger Blues'

From Cathy Craig:

4. Habranthus robustus
5. Habranthus biflorus

From Dell Sherk:

6. Zephyranthes 'Fadjar's Red" , red-flushed yellow, open-pollinated
7. Zephyranthes reginae, light yellow, exterior slightly flushed copper, op


From Mark Wilcox:

8. Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

From Joyce Miller:

9. Ferraria uncinata

 From Mary Sue Ittner <>:

10. Ipheion uniflorum (white)
11. Ferraria crispa

12. Calochortus vestae (white)--These are not blooming sized bulbs I don't
think, but with good water and fertilizer during their period of growth
they will soon be.

13. Moraea aristata--These bloom reliably for me, in raised beds, in the
ground, and in containers. But my garden is relatively dry in summer.

14. Babiana (mixed species)--I got seed of mixed species maybe 15 years ago
and these are descendents. I have them planted in a very deep wooden planter on
my deck and every three years or so I replant them and this is one of those
years. They are mixed and there is no way to tell which is which, but there
are some nice ones and they don't all bloom at once. Also I have found they
can be easily grown directly in the ground in Zone 9 at least. There are
quite a few of these so a lot to go around.

15. Moraea (mixed species)--I dug out a raised bed that had not been dug out
for 12 years. There were many hundreds of Moraeas in this bed. Trying as
hard as I could from looking at pictures in my Moraea book and reading the
descriptions I cannot tell you which these might be. They could be Moraea
aristata, M. gigandra, M. bellendenii, M. tricuspidata, M. loubseri, M.
polystachya to name a few of the residents of that bed. Also there are a
lot of these so hopefully a lot of you will request them and have fun
trying to determine what they are. I hope I kept at least some of all of
those I mentioned, but I won't know either until they bloom.

Thank you, Robert, Cathy, Mark, Joyce, and Mary Sue !!

Best wishes,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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