Allium and Colchicum germination

Jane McGary
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 13:06:32 PDT
Diane Whitehead wrote,
>Some bulbs will never make the fast bloom category as they don't 
>germinate fast.
>I have two that have just germinated:
>>Allium narcissiflorum from seed collected in the Dolomites, sown January 1999
>Colchicum pusillum from Alpine Garden Society seed sown February 2000.

Diane, if that Allium narcissiflorum ever flowers, let me know how you did
it. I have been growing it for years with never a flower, and I've tried
everything I can think of to make it happy.

As for Colchicum pusillum, I grew it from seed and it flowered in three or
four years, but it was definitely underwhelming. The epithet "pusillum" can
be translated "wimpy," (for British readers, that's American for 'small and
weak', not 'hamburger sandwich'), and this is definitely for collectors only!

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

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