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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:49:28 PDT
Dear All,

I've been very busy lately so didn't reply to the group about this although 
I did write a private note to Vicki. I thought I had mentioned what I did 
before and didn't think everyone would be interested. But since Cathy has 
asked, I will try to answer briefly.

In the beginning I created Word files, but that got to be far too much 
work. I use Eudora Pro as my e-mail program. It allows me to filter my 
e-mail as it comes in. When I was a member of the IBS forum all my mail 
from that group went to a separate mail box. I have a mail box for PBS and 
ABA. With Eudora I can edit the mail I get. I often change the subject so 
that I can find something alphabetically. Naked ladies cavorting 
reluctantly will become Amaryllis belladonna. When I have time, I copy all 
the messages from a thread I want to save and put them together and then 
delete all but the first one. Some of you have gotten my saved files with 
all the comments in response to a topic so you have seen what I do.

Finally Eudora has an outstanding search program so if I can't find 
something alphabetically by the subject I will search for it by name. I can 
chose which mail box to look in or look in more than one at a time. I then 
get a list of all the messages from the mail boxes I have selected that 
have that word some place in the message. I only have to look through those 
messages. Sometimes I have to search a couple ways before I find something 
I am looking for (name of plant, name of person I thought wrote the 
message, etc.)

Saving information in my e-mail program means that if someone asks it is 
easy to find to send it out. I have never found any of the Microsoft search 
programs to work nearly as well as my Eudora program does. I do obviously 
have to back up frequently. We have a removable hard drive and we use it 
for a back-up program.

Mary Sue

>Mary Sue HAS to have this figured out. Come on, Mary Sue, tell us about 
>your system. Mary Sue can find stuff YEARS old - you know she does it all 
>the time.

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