OT: giant horsetail (was equisetum control)

Steve Marak samarak@arachne.uark.edu
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 14:24:01 PDT
On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Den Wilson wrote:

> There is also a giant, non-invasive form of this plant which looks
> absolutely magnificent.

Apologies for the off-topic post, especially to those for whom horsetails
are a horrible invasive pest, but ...

Is this a reference to E. giganteum? (Apparently there is another giant
species, E. myriochaetum, and a supposed hybrid between them, E. x

Does anyone know where (preferably in the US) one might acquire a piece of
any of these? I'm confident that these tropical plants will not become a
pest in my zone 6 NW Arkansas area, where I have UNintentionally killed
the common horsetail several times, and where finding horsetails in the
wild is not common and is worth a look.



-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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