Watsonia bulbifera & climate

Roy M. Sachs rmsachs@ucdavis.edu
Mon, 04 Aug 2003 09:36:32 PDT
Mary Sue: I've been growing W. bulbifera, or maybe W. coccinea, in 
Davis for years with no apparent bulbil formation up on the 
inflorescence axis...it's not invasive here, and so far it hasn't 
spread in the Russian river planting. But I do remove the corms every 
so often for sale (right now I'm embarrassed and will delete it from 
catalog, depending on answer to question below).

Is it possible that the orangish Watsonia that I have is not 
bulbifera or that it is a question of climate that determines bulbil 


>I wish there was a way that nurseries were prohibited from selling 
>this species to anyone in California and hope Lee will never plant 
>his out.  When I explained the problem to Jim Duggan he took this 
>species out of his catalog and I appreciate Lauw doing this as well. 
>If we know that a plant can be a problem in one temperate 
>Mediterranean climate it seems important to do what we can to 
>prevent it becoming a problem in any others.
>Mary Sue
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