Best way to sprout in the green seeds

Floral Artistry
Sun, 07 Dec 2003 09:52:22 PST
I have several stalks of gardenii that were removed
from my newly imported plants for one reason or
Now, the stem keeps rotting and the seeds are falling
off one by one when I handle it. 
I have replaced the stems in new water with a few
drops of clorox to prevent any more rotting (but the
stems are now only lees than 2"). 
What would be the best way to sow the seeds that have
already fallen? I set a few of them aside for a week
or so and they have darkened in color but are still
very firm. 
Should I attempt surgery to remove the green covering
or sow them as is?
I would like to keep as many as possible for future
genrations. Thanks in advance for all your advise. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
Soon to become check it out soon

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