Crinum Moorei Hooker

J.E. Shields
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 05:26:21 PST

Crinum moorei (ex seeds from Silverhill Seeds) grown in containers here in 
central Indiana (USA) flowers outdoors in the shadehouse in August (late 
summer).  The plants are almost evergreen here, even though they spend the 
winter in a completely dry, cool but not freezing, and dimly lit to dark 
area.  They have at least some green leaves when they flower here, but I 
can't recall how many relative to their peak growth period

The seed were, I assume, collected from the wild.  I  planted them in 
summer 1997, and they first flowered about 4 years later.

Jim Shields
in Westfield, Indiana (USA)

At 12:23 AM 12/30/2003 -0800, David Sneddon wrote:
>Its a passing curiosity for me, but can those on other continents please 
>say when it flowers for them (the month) and confirm it retains it's 
>leaves whilst flowering (as in the photo) (and the city/country please).

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