Copyright pictures 'pirated'

Robt R Pries
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 16:21:28 PST
Angelo; According to copyright law you do not have to do anything to claim a picture as under copyright, only to show that you had it first. Unfortunately many people view anything that is in cyberspace as free. So if something is posted on the internet they think they can use it. They are wrong, but still it is very hard to do anything about it. To sue you would have to show a amount of monetary damage or loss that it has caused.

Angelo Porcelli <> wrote:///There/ are a lot of my photos of agaves, cycad and palms being used from unscrupolous E-bay sellers and also some commercial websites in Florida. Think that some E-bay seller rely on my photos to ID their plants ! What I don't understand well is how one (me) can claim to be the owner of a photo.
Indeed, I am not so concerned that someone use my photos, but they could have been so kind, at least, to ask me for permission. I am not really good with softwares like Photoshop etc., but I wonder what legal consequence would make if I wrote across the photo i.e. Copyright© Angelo Porcelli or similar. Is there anyone I should pay to obtain a copyright? How does it work for websites like i.e. David Fenwick or Jim Shields, when at the bottom of the page there's written © 2003 etc?
If anyone have the time to clarify my doubts, it would be very appreciated.

many thanks
Angelo Porcelli
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