The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs

Robin Attrill
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:57:15 PST
Alberto & Diana,

I am not at all surprised at the lack of Oxalis coverage in the book for the
reasons stated by Diana, ie lack of available contemporary keys. Very few
people in S Africa appear to have an active interest in the genus, in
contrast to the situation with the monocots.

I notice that a copy of the Salter monograph is currently listed on the
Clarkes bookshop site at in catalogue #15. However, the
price ($750 /GBP500 !!!!!) may prove to be a bit of a disincentive to
purchase!  On the bright side at least you have your copies of the Cape Bulb
Encyclopedia - mine, ordered through AGS, has yet to arrive!

Best wishes

Robin Attrill

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