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Dell Sherk
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 07:47:53 PST
Dear All,

     The items listed below have been donated by PBS members for
sharing. If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me
PRIVATELY at <>. Include "BX 22" in the subject line.
Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify
quantities.  Availability is based on a first come, first served system.
When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find included with them a
statement of how much money (cash or check) you should send the PBS
treasurer for your order. There is a charge of US$2.00 per item to defray
costs for packing and first-class postage. It is a good idea to include your
snail mail address too, in case I don't already have it.
    Some of you are members of the PBS discussion forum but not members of
THE PBS. Consider joining the PBS so that you can take advantage of future
offers such as this. Or contact me at
    If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS, please send
clean, clearly labeled material to: Dell Sherk, PO Box 224, Holicong, PA,
18928, USA. Donors will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for
their donations.


From Uli Urban:


1. Dahlia coccinea var palmeri "2,5m tall airy plant with dissected leaves
and Cosmos-like bright orange red flowers held horizontally. Stands firmly
without staking, best with me in late summer and early autumn when the
weather has cooled down. I have donated this seed before and heard that
germination rate was low: I recommend to sow it not too warm. It is a plant
of higher altitudes from Mexico and it self seeds in my garden although the
tubers are not hardy (tested) So high temperatures of the seed compost may
inhibit germination. If sown at the same time as with Tomatoes, they flower
the same year from seed but will reach their ultimate height from the second
year on. Be careful when digging the tubers: the tubers themselves are quite
a distance away from the stem only joined by a thin root and can easily be
spaded off. All in all a very good garden plant."

2. Nerine bowdenii 'E.B. Anderson Hybrid' "An early flowering very
floriferous and reliable Nerine, the early flowering time helps it escape
bad autumn weather. According to the (very knowledgeable) person who gave me
a few bulbs years ago, it comes true from seed. The seed has sprouted and
formed small bulbs but this does not matter. Make sure not to
break the fleshy seed off the small bulb when planting. It is a summer
growing bulb with a relatively short dormancy. It is not hardy in northern
Germany but was very hardy in Britain where my bulbs originally came from.
Sow immediately."

3. Lilium white tetra trumpets "Not being a geneticist, I think that once
tetraploid and producing fertile seed the offspring remains tetraploid,
correct me if I am wrong. Beautiful white trumpet lily like a larger version
of L. regale but with stems of steel and flowers almost as solid as plastic,
but still charming. You do not see the qualities except that you will find
the flowers unscathed after hurricane-rainstorm weather and that for a very
long time! Fast growing (I am not a lily-specialist) and easy, strongly
scented, mine is potted."

 4. Lilim Hybr. 'Moonlight' X L. sulpureum "Very tall and elegant Hybrid
lily from seed, so I do not know how the F2 generation will look like, the
parents were variable, with inferior forms mixed in. The best one, and this
is the one I took the seed from after hand-pollinating (selfing) was 1,8m
tall with firm stem and had elegant trumpets of a beautiful greenish yellow,
well scented, nicely contrasting brown pollen. Also potted, very long
growing season into winter under glass especially for seed ripening."

From Cathy Craig:

5. Seed of Hippeastrum 'Yellow Pioneer' selfed
6. Blooming size bulb of Hippeastrum "Yellow Pioneer' (1 only)
BULBS "in the green":

7. Zephyranthes insularum
8. Habranthus robustus
9. Unknown rainlily ex Fausto Ceni
10. Habranthus biflorus

From Mary Sue Ittner <>:

11. Seed of Ornithogalum sp.
12. Bulbs of Oxalis magnifica
13. Bulbs of Oxalis triangularis
14. Small bulbs of Tritonia disticha
15. Small bulbs of Ledebouria cooperi

Thank you Uli, Cathy, and Mary Sue!!

Best wishes,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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