TOW Roscoea

Wed, 12 Feb 2003 21:41:48 PST
Hi  Mary  Sue  and  others,

I  have encouraged   Paul  to  post  an  image  of  a plant he has obtained
as   R  alpina which  I  believe  is R  scillifolia, so  perhaps our
combined urgings  will  succeed. I  have some  images  of the  R
scillifolia  "in   the  camera " but  they  will take  a little  longer to
produce. He  also  has  an  image  of the  probable R x Beesiana  which  is
very  nice.

The  R alpina  and   R  scillifolia  are  quite  distinct  once they  have
both  been observed but  photographs  dont  always show  such  distinction.



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