Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 12 Jul 2003 18:09:20 PDT
Dear All,

Before we leave this topic I am reasking a question no one answered. I know 
my messages are too long and some of what I say gets lost. Last year Tom 
Glavich gave some seed to the BX that I got. It shows no sign of going 
dormant. Should I just keep it going and maybe pot it up to a bigger pot or 
should I stop watering it? I've had other Albucas from seed keep going and 
wonder what others do. One I keep watering and once it went dormant two 
years later it has remained dormant (but I'm still hopeful.)

Here is what Tom said about this BX offering. As I reread  his message I 
realized I started this in fall and he in spring so I guess I should keep 
it going and let it go dormant this winter.  We haven't discussed this one 
so I am repeating what he said in August last year:

The albuca circinata is seed from plants originally from Silverhill (2000
catalog).  These are wonderful albucas,  The leaves are about 8 inches long,
straight and narrow, and then make a single 1/2 loop at the end.  Typical
albuca flowers, white and green.  I grow it for the leaves.  I found it
necessary to hand pollinate the flowers to get seed.  What ever does it in
South Africa doesn't come to my back yard.  Two years from seed to flower,
seed planted in April 2000.  They also offset, but not much so far.  The
plants are young, and like all albucas do better in bigger pots than you
might expect.  My flowering plants were in 5 x 5 round pots.  I haven't tried
these in the ground yet, but I'm sure they would do fine.

Mary Sue

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