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From: Ron & Marina Moodycliffe <lilium at alphalink.com.au>

G Day to you all from Down Under in Australia  John Bryan makes mention of 
Lilium Canadense & describes it with Yellow tepals & purple spots . OK The 
spotted varieties can be anywhere from yellow to red  with many 
combinations in between . We have a bulb of L Canadense Imacculatum which 
is a pure sulphur yellow with no spots . It seems to be self infertile as 
we are not able to set seed on it from it's own pollen . Does anyone on 
this list have a similar one that we could obtain pollen from ?Spotted var 
hare all set seed & we have distributed some to our Lilium group this year 
Where does it actually originate from, EG, State. Here in Melbourne we have 
many Species (all from imported seed )but very few that have set seed . We 
germinate them in Styrofoam fruit boxes & grow them on until they are too 
big to stay in there then transfer them out under Rhododendrons or into 
beds out in the open with pine needle mulch .We had a few Orientals fry in 
last summers' 44c heat We do not have cold problems ,no snow but wet 
winters so we cover the seed boxes with agricultural plastic over wire 
hoops ,Cloches ,or miniature tunnel houses .I will tack on a picture  Kind 
Regards Ron & Marina Moodycliffe 

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