Wiki Assistance Please

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 21:55:07 PDT
Dear All,

I have spent quite a lot of time going through the pbs wiki and deleting 
mistakes and trying to get the pictures listed on wiki pages that were 
never added. To prevent my burning out I have a few pleas for those of you 
who use the wiki.

Please remember not to load large files. Most of you do a great job with 
this, but there are exceptions. I then have to transfer them out and reduce 
them and transfer them back if someone has already announced the picture to 
the group. I would just delete them and ask people to reload a smaller 
file, but then we'd get all these people writing notes to the list saying 
they can't see the picture.

If you load a file to the wiki that you aren't happy with and don't intend 
for anyone to see please tell me or Mark to take it off. It is great when 
you recognize a mistake and load another image to correct it, but we don't 
want to leave the mistakes. If you misspelled it or misnamed it let us 
know. We can change that. You don't have to load another file that is the 
same. If something is a mystery and it gets identified, let us change the 
name of it instead of adding the same picture with a new name.

If it is a plant, when you are naming it please spell out the genus name 
and start it with a capital. As we have more and more pictures on the wiki 
(I printed out 25 pages and that doesn't include the old files or Mark's 
Alliums), it is increasingly hard to figure out what something is if you do 
not have the genus in the name. For instance think about the names of these 
two from yesterday:
I'd have no idea at all what these were if I were trouble shooting. We 
didn't emphasize this in the beginning but we should have we now realize.

Thanks everyone for your help on this.

Mary Sue

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