Jane McGary
Fri, 06 Jun 2003 07:55:54 PDT
I don't know just John INgram found in southern California, but there are 
quite a number of Delphinium species in both the American West and the dry 
parts of western Asia that can be considered geophytes. They have tuberous 
rootstocks. Delphinium nudicaule, which John mentioned, is one of them. I 
also grow D. luteum, a California species with clear yellow flowers, in the 
bulb frame, where it seeds like mad, being a typical threatened species; I 
send seed to the exchanges from it. I've tried some others but was not 
pleased enough with their flowers to use the frame space for them, and most 
don't like the winters here. I find D. luteum much more reliable than the 
other yellow one that is sometimes grown, the Asian D. zalil (or possibly 
that name has been changed).

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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