Veltheimia deasii

Douglas Westfall
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 09:16:58 PDT
Boyce TankersleyDoug Westfall btankers@chicagobotanic.org1111 Claiborne Dr.
Long Beach, CA

> Hi Doug:
> Neither plant will come into flower until next spring. Can you collect some
> pollen for cross pollination with my plants? I'll share the seed harvest.
I will be happy to try that.  With Cyrtanthus, I just clipped the "pollin"
and placet it in plastic tube.  Will that work with the Veltheimia?
What is the "shelf life" of the Velt. pollin?

I will need a mailing address.

> I shared a mature leaf from both plants with Harold Koopowitz when he visited
> the Chicago Botanic Garden last winter in an effort to propagate it by leaf
> cuttings or tissue culture. Haven't heard if he had any success.

Harold lives a few miles from my home and I have visited him.  I know that
UCI is working at the tissue culture area. Do you mind if I contact him to
ask what progress has been made?


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