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> There's a nice sized crabapple in the middle of the bed as well as ample
> trees in the yard that shade the area well (all deciduous by the way -- a
> redbud, black walnut, couple of maples).  I have a couple of roses along the
> back edge (big white stone wall that is a foundation for the neighbor's
> house) and peonies come up in the center strip, but that's it -- nothing
> else grows in this area right now.

I have a crabapple in the middle of a daffodil bed. I am losing daffodils in 
a pattern moving out from the trunk of the crabapple. I think it may be 
starving the bulbs, as I'm not aware of any toxins from this tree.  The black walnut 
is another matter. I've lost daffodils planted directly under black walnut 
trees.  I too James am in SW Ohio.

Bill Lee

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