Noctaire noctaire@infobin.org
Tue, 09 Sep 2003 13:07:07 PDT
Gang -- Thanks for all of the suggestions for under the black walnut, but
the bed and the black walnut are separated by a concrete sidewalk as well as
distance -- in fact, only a small portion of the bed is even under the drip
line.  The tree just happens to be large enough that it shades the area.
Since I planted the tree as a sapling (brought it home from school on Arbor
Day about 25 years ago believe it or not) I am all too aware of the wonders
of juglone.  :)

Some pics that might help out a bit....

This is a pic of the front of the house taken a couple of years back:


This is a pic from 2000 that shows how the house looked in 1993 and how it
looked in 2000.  The trees over the red car (to it's front as you view the
picture) had to be removed -- they were dropping some truly nasty sap and
had grown into the power lines.  :(  We're STILL working on getting
something around the driveway like shrubs and a small tree to grow at the


In these pictures, the Black Walnut sits just to the left of the gate.

For the best overall view of the front yard (including the neighbor's wall
and such) give this link a look:


This is also a couple of years old, but not much has changed (yeah, I've
been a bit lazy -- I've focused on other tasks and then fell into a black
hole over some heart problems I've been having for the last year and half to
two years (and am still battling)).  The bed is the small strip on the
opposite side of the sidewalk -- youc an see the neighbor's white stone
wall.  The whole area is a great little microclime as it's only facing area
is to the street.


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