Buyer Beware - Can O' Worms

Kevin D. Preuss
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:48:39 PDT
This is one thing that I see too much of:  growers opting to buy material
rather than growing it themselves from seed/divisions of known stock.  When
you grow them from seed/offset and see them bloom and know the plant, then
it can be sold.  Too many people see $$$, which is not a reality w/o putting
it to somebody,- after all isn't that the American Way?  No it is not, not
the ideals anyway...maybe the practice of some but not all.

I just purchased 5 bulbs of a white striped hippeastrum sp. that arrived w/o
a white stripe!  now that bulb seller/"grower" did not even attempt to cover
what he was doing!
In my business i flower all stock material so that i know the divisions and
seedlings are true.  Granted, honest mistakes do happen.

Kevin Preuss

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> Dear all;
> I didn't really mean to open up a replay of 'horror shows',
> but to relate a recent example.
> New growers especially need to be aware of unscrupulous
> business practices of many mass marketers. Buy bulbs from dedicated
> specialty growers. Observe your plants at bloom to verify their ID.
> Don't be taken in by claims.
> Most important don't let low prices equal bargains. You buy
> what you pay for. I especially hate the color enhancements in
> catalogs on bulb packages.
> Best Jim W.
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