The Huntington Symposium

Harold Koopowitz
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 12:35:41 PDT
Hello to all the Clivia enthusiasts out there:

Good News and Bad News:
The Good news is that we will be holding the next Huntington Symposium at 
the world famous Huntington Botanic Gardens on the last weekend in March 2005.
Bad news is that this falls on an Easter weekend. Sorry but the weekend 
prior is already taken by the Bonsai society and their show.
Doing it earlier or later than those two weekends means missing the peak of 
the flowering season.

The meeting will be sponsored by The Huntington, the North American Clivia 
Society and possibly one of the local Bulb Societies.

We would like to hold a judged Clivia show and I invite judges from other 
regions of the world to come and judge here.

At this time we are trying to guesstimate the number of attendees.
1. If you would like to present a paper or poster also let me know together 
with the title of your presentation.
2. If you plan on attending please also let me know and estimate the number 
in your party.
3. If you are prepared to judge the show let me know too.
4. If you want to reserve space to sell seeds or plants I need to know that 

email the above information back to me at the following address


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