winter, summer and South Africa seedlings
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:20:34 PST

Temperatures have warmed up a bit, days 70-75 F (22.5 C), and nights around 
50-62 F (ca. 15 C).  My South African winter-type bulbs are happy, and the same 
for winter-type germinating seeds.  I hope the seedlings will grow well and 
gain mass, so that when I put them away for a few summer months they will have 
enough reserves.

I do have some 6-10 month-old seedlings of summer growers (South African), 
and (I've been letting them grow this winter by giving 15-hour days inside under 
lights.  They don't know it is winter.  However, they enjoy the warm days 
and, as seedlings, don't seem to worry about the day length.   

I'm wondering if winter-growing plants from don't prefer Spring and Fall 
here, as do some summer growers from high altitudes.  

Perhaps they don't care about day length so much as temperature, humidity, 
and soil wetness.  Time will tell; I need to grow more and experiment more.


Conroe Joe
Forecast is for 61 F tonight and 76 F tomorrow.  Rain is possible and 
humidity is high.  

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