Yellow delphiniums

Kenneth Hixson
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 19:36:31 PST
HI, Mary Sue
>O.K. I'll bite on this one. For all of you who have read my comments on 
>Delphiniums before you can just hit delete. In the early days of another 
>unnamed bulb list I caused a huge controversy simply by asking if we could 
>discuss Delphiniums. 

	I belong to this list to learn.  Any plant which fits the geophyte
growth cycle suits me.  I can't possibly grow everything mentioned, but I
can learn from what others say.  For instance I would have liked to learn 
more about tuberous rooted geraniums, but that was one thread which no one 
seemed to want to expand upon.  Perhaps no one felt qualified, or no one
else was interested?

>It probably would have made my favorite list if I thought it would be 
	Why not-It's your favorites list, and it fits the growth cycle.
It is interesting to see what other people do and don't like.  And maybe
I'll learn about something I'll like.  If I'm not interested, the delete
button is still in the same place.

	Just by way of discussion, how would you feel about discussing
tuberous rooted fuchsias?  Fuchsia fulgens is one such, and there are
supposed to be more.  I'm curious about the environmental conditions that
would cause the development of tuberous rooted fuchsias, which I normally
think of as "tropical jungle" plants.
	In other words, what do you see as the role of the PBS list?  It
surely serves different people in different ways.  Running a list is
"about like trying to herd cats" to quote someone, but which ways would
you like to herd these cats?

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