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Robert Hamilton
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 02:41:05 PST
Hi Mary-Sue  and  others,

> What needs to be done in the Southern Hemisphere in January? Any of 
> you from there care to enlighten us?

For  me its  hand  watering pots  of  summer  growers  and  commencing  
repotting of  summer  dormant species. Most   bulbs in pots  which are  
summer  growing  are in and   around  my expanding  shadehouse  

The  last  2 months  of  spring  here were  particularly  dry but  
thankfully  we had a  week  with some  good rain just  before  Xmas 
(44mm)  which  gave  some  watering respite and  freshened   the  
general  garden.

Into  the  second month of  summer  I am  noticing  some  atypical  
behavour  from some winter rainfall South African  amaryllids. I  have 
2 pots of  2nd year Gethyllis  seedlings  still in growth. They are 
under  cover  and I am  watering them  occasionally  from  below. An  
older  seedling  of   Cybistetes longifolia  as  well as  a new  batch 
of  seedlings  are still  growing  strongly-  I  seem  to  remember 
they  only  began  growth in early  spring. Yesterday I  noticed a  pot 
  of  Strumaria tenella  still   with  very  green  leaves   - these may 
  be  subsp orientalis  from  a  summer  rainfall area.

I  really  enjoy  the  first  repotting  of  bulb  seedlings  and  
usually  mark those  ready  to  be done , while  still in growth, with 
an  extra  tag (old  label  usually)  so  I  dont  forget.  I  always   
wait  until  after  the  second  season of  growth  and  sometimes  
longer. I  usually  repot  mature  bulbs  about  every 2-3  years  -  I 
  had a big  repotting  effort  last  summer so  not  too  many to be  
tackled this  year.

I  have  started   sowing  the  seeds  I  have  been  accumulating  and 
  storing over the past  few  months.  Colchicum and  Crocus were sown 
at  the  beginning of  January  to  given  them a  couple  of  warm dry 
months   before we  get  any  significant  rain.

The   combination of  a  dry  end  to  spring  then  some  good  rain  
before Xmas  has  commenced  flowering  of  Cyclamen  hederifolium  and 
Leucojum autumnale. It  also  brought on a  few  flowers  of  
Habranthus'  martinezii and  andersonii . Dierama  continue  to  make a 
  nice  display in the   garden  and  Ismene longipetala  and 
Hymenocallis  harrisiana are  currently in  bloom. Roscoea ,  a  couple 
of  Lilium   and    quite a  few  Arisaema  are   flowering  in  the  
shadehouse ,  with a  few  scattered in  shady  spots in the  garden. 
Eucomus  are well into  leaf around the  garden with an occasional  
flower bud  appearing. Some white  Crinum  hybrids  are in bloom  with 
a  first flowering C  bulbispermum  just faded.

I   very  much enjoyed the Cyrtanthus discussion -thanks  to  all those 
  who  contributed. Like  everyone  else   I  find a  few  species  are  
  easy  and the  rest a  struggle.  C  brachyscaphus is  flowering at  


Rob in Tasmania
Temperate Marine  Climate
USDA  equivalent  Zone 9

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