TOW seed dormancy - Alstroemeria

Roy M. Sachs
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 12:16:06 PST
>>Diane: Are the days to germination (emergence) that you posted, the 
>>number elapsed from the beginning of the outdoor (5 to 10 C) 
>>period? excluding of course the 4 weeks of 18 C.  Roy
>No.  I counted the days to emergence from the time I sowed the 
>seeds. So, for example, A. philippiana germinated 10 days from the 
>time sown.  Any of my seeds that germinated in 30 days or less 
>germinated in the warmth of my kitchen or living room and never had 
>a cool period except for the slight drop each night when I turned 
>the heat down.

That beats anything I saw 4 years ago when I tried germinating 
without chilling, on a mist bench at high temps (20 to 23 C). Got to 
do that again.  I don't have many seed of species (just a few of 
aurea and ligtu that I collect annually) but I have oodles of hybrids 
sitting around.

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