Cyrtanthus TOW

Cynthia Mueller
Sat, 03 Jan 2004 07:47:01 PST
Mary Sue....thanks for initiating this line of discussion.  I know so little
about the small Cyrtanthus I began from the seed exchange I don't even know
if they should be forced to go dormant on the greenhouse bench.

And - if you tried to "burn up" your larger potted bulbs by piling on some
pine needles and setting fire to them, for example, how far under the
surface of the soil are Cyrtanthus bulbs in nature?  Because perhaps not all
the effects are due to smoke or smoke water, but some initiate bloom due to
heating up or charring of parts of the bulb?  And there's surely a fine line
between a little charring to initiate bloom, and a bulb getting cooked?

Waiting to hear more - Cynthia W. Mueller
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>Mary Sue said..." Has anyone ever tried using liquid smoke with the ones
that won't bloom or
> planting them in clay pots and then setting pine needles or twigs or
> something on top on fire to get them to bloom, etc?" >
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