Cultural notes on Haemanthus

Angelo Porcelli
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 05:33:24 PST
Hi All,

this is not a question related to cultivation, but on seeds production. I have a big clump of H.coccineus that flowers very well every year, but in spite on my scupolous hand pollination, has never set any seed. Last year I got two bulbs of another provenance and even if I have cross pollinated them daily during flowering, I have got jts few berries.
I would remember that I have them outdoor all year around (zone 9b) and they are watered during flowering too.
On the other hand, I saw on Dash's website a pic of a full head of seeds, which makes me envious :-(
Are Hamenthus self sterile maybe?
Are there any tricks to get more seeds?

many thanks

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