Bulbs for California's Central Valley

Shirley Meneice samclan@redshift.com
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:49:47 PST
A tuberous perennial I have not seen mentioned is Hermodactylus 
tuberosus which does beautifully in my supposed Zone 9 garden in Pebble 
Beach.  The soil is not really ideal, but as John Bryan states in his 
Burpee book on BULBS,it is "a great plant for the rock garden, it is of 
easy culture and will most certainly be a conversation piece.  It will 
become natualized in areas where grass is sparse and little else grows." 
  And it is fragrant!  You'd like it.  Try it.
	Shirley Meneice
Sue Haffner wrote:

> Hi, Richard,
> I garden in Clovis, not too far from Selma. Selma is a nice little town, by the
> way, but is growing fast.
> Amaryllis belladonna ("Naked Ladies") survive here with no care, at all.
> Watsonias
> Homerias
> Crocosmias
> Velthemia, in a protected spot
> Lachenalias would not survive the winter in the ground, I fear. They haven't, even
> in my fairly protected back yard. I have them in pots.
> Sprekelia
> Lycoris
> Chasmanthe--can get invasive, though, as they really like our climate.
> Hope this helps a bit.
> Sue Haffner
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> Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 1:54 pm
> Subject: [pbs] Bulbs for California's Central Valley
>>    Please recommend some bulbs/geophytes for beginners for 
>>Central Valley.   These should be Meditterranean climate type 
>>bulbs which will 
>>receive no or little water during the summer and natural rainfall 
>>in the winter. 
>> Summer days are usually above 100 degrees, with summer nighttime 
>>lows in 
>>the 70-80s, and winters are cool and damp, 35-45 degrees, but 
>>rarely freezing.
>>    My daughter is buying a new home there in a tract development 
>>in Selma, 
>>near Fresno, California.   The soil appears to be well drained and 
>>probably an old Thompson seedless grape vineyard.   I have many 
>>bulbs I can share 
>>with her but my Medit. climate is coastal northern California, 
>>with cool, wetter 
>>winters and cool dry summers, rarely above 80 degrees day, usually 
>>in 60s at 
>>night. I doubt if Lachenalias would be successful in Selma, but 
>>many Agapanthus 
>>are in the area.
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