Velthemia Seeds

Thu, 18 Mar 2004 06:55:46 PST
Hello, Fred.

The natural cycle of Vetheimia bracteata is to begin vegetative growth in 
the autumn with the commencement of cooler weather, and then to flower in 
the spring. The seed fall to the ground over the course of the summer, and 
begin to sprout in the fall with the advent of cooler weather and moisture. 
They are found in areas of South Africa that receive summer rainfall, 
however I suspect that this is a matter of their tolerance, not their 

Your seed will probably sprout to a certain degree now, but they will be 
much more willing in September/October. The problem is that they may not 
thrive in a cold winter climate such as yours - perhaps someone with 
similar conditions could help you there. A greenhouse with 70° days and 
35°-40° nights would seem to be about right. They might even adapt well to 
a summer growth pattern as a patio container plant, but here they are a 
trouble-free, plant-and-forget bulb that is very happy with a mediterranean 
growth cycle. The gophers ignore them too.

Most of mine go dormant over the summer - the odd one can be almost 
evergreen if kept shaded and moist - but by August even the most persistent 
ones are asleep.

Hope this helps,
Northern California

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