New Iris Classification

James Frelichowski
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:00:11 PST
Hello everyone:

I just joined and found a flood of PBS messages!  I am
working at the USDA/UCDavis Cotton research station in
Shafter, CA.  I have a post-doc appt there from cotton
Inc. to work with genetics.  I still have family in
Champaign Illinois hoping to get a more permanent job
and higher paying job soon.  I am into Hippeastrums
only for now, maybe some Clivia's and plants related
to Hipps.  I have over 40 species in a greenhouse in
Illinois and over a dozen here in Wasco, CA where I
live.  I divide my bulbs on occasion for distribution
to other IBS or PBS members and want to be a major
collector and breeder of Hipps someday, more so for
fame and generating interest in Hipps rather than
profit (but if it should happen, I won't complain).  I
enjoy getting regular mail now as for some reason I
don't get the IBS bulb robin.

If there are any meetings especially involving bulb
auctions of Hipps. please announce them to me because
I was very frustrated to have missed the one in
October which the lack of mail from the IBS robin
definitely was a culprit.

I hope to meet more bulbophiles this time in CA
through PBS.


James Frelichowski.

--- Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Oops, sorry. I meant to look at Mark Wilcox's new
> rtf file before I sent 
> the url out and didn't realize I had the message set
> to go. Twice I tried 
> to load it without success. I finally managed to do
> it on the third time 
> around and it looks like garbage to me so I suggest
> unless you have a fast 
> connection to give it a miss. If Bob Pries wants to
> edit the html file I 
> did to make it clearer and send the new one to me as
> an attachment I will 
> replace the one Mark Mazer and I did on the wiki
> with the newer version.
> Mary Sue
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