Robt R Pries
Tue, 09 Mar 2004 14:25:12 PST
 I hope i didin't depress everyone with too much taxonomy. Here in the center of the country the easiaest species to grow are the bearded Irises. I suspect that Jane may have some probelms with them because they like to dry out and resent consistent moisture. But I would suspect that Jane could do very well with the Siberian group especially the 40 chromosome species that are very difficult for me because they need more moisture. Dutch Iris the, in fact all of the xiphiums are somewhat of a challenge here and probably are best grown for only one year and treated as annuals, in this they do tolerably well. The pacific Coast natives are a challenge hear also but can be grown as plant from seed but rarely succeed as transplants. I am curious as to why albertii would do well for Jane and not some of the other bearded species.

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