Eucomis vandermerwei
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 14:53:13 PST

An email garden friend sent me seeds of Eucomis vendermeiwei last winter.  I 
started them indoors under fluorescent lights, with the aloes and agaves--long 
days and bright light.

In spring I moved them outdoors and they started growing rapidly.  But, by 
July they were not doing too well--I think the 30 days of rain in June was not 
agreeable and the hot summer temperatures didn't seem to help them.

So, I kept them a bit dry (hard to do here in summer) and now they have 
started growing again with the cooler days of Fall.  October was quite hot, but 
nights were often 70 F rather than 80 F, and it was dry.  

I guess this purported summer grower has 2 seasons here in the greater 
Houston area--spring and fall.  I'll keep them out till they obviously complain 
about the cold and then will dry them down and put them away till next spring.  
Who knows, perhaps they won't mind our mild winters--last year the low was 25 F 
a few nights, maybe they will grow all winter.  

They sure are attractive, even the little seedlings, with the purple-spotted 

Conroe Joe

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