Rain Lily Seedlings, What About Crowding?

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Sat, 13 Nov 2004 17:27:19 PST

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>Subject: [pbs] Rain Lily Seedlings, What About Crowding?
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>How crowded, and how long, can I safely keep rain lily seedlings in a 
>pot.  They came up heavily, and are like a lawn of mondo grass now, at 1 
>old and some at 1 1/2 years.
>Will they be safe till spring, or will they start to edge each other out.
>There must be 100 seedlings in each of several gallon cans (Z. drummondii, 
>citrina, Z. chlorosolen, Z. tubispathus and a few others).
>Should I divide to save them, or will they tolerate each other and just 
>slowly.  In spring I'll have more time, energy, places, etc., to plant 
>But, I don't want to lose substantial numbers.

Dear Joe:
The best thing would to pot on to a larger container and let them grow 
unchecked until they go dormant, when they can be more safely disturbed with 
less damage. In other words, wait until dormant to disturb the root ball. 
They take a lot of crowding with no problem. Incidentally most bulbs enjoy 
growing crowded while babies, the same way succulents do.
All the best

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