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Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:40:14 PDT
Hi there Steve,

welcome ot the list. Can you tell us more about you Crinum collection?

Best wishes,


Daryl 'Dash' Geoghegan, Mainly Amaryllids Garden, P O Box 173, Barnawartha,
Victoria, 3688, Australia.
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Hey there,

My name is Steve and I'm a plantaholic.  Actually I'm a crinumaholic.  I
just signed up for the list yesterday and I'm psyched to read about bulbs
from folks as enthused as I am.  BTW Other plants of interest...Palms,
Gingers, aroids and anything that flowers when other people's landscapes
look dreadful ( I live in Georgia, USA so by late July most people's gardens
look tired).

Glad to be joining Y'all,

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