color names

Kenneth Hixson
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 00:14:09 PDT
>A Contribution Toward Standardization of Color Names in Horticulture, 
>Application of the Universal Color Language to the Colors of the Royal 
>Horticultural Society's Colour Chart, by Robert D. Huse and Kenneth L. 
>Kelly, Edited by Donald H. Voss. The American Rhododendron Society 
>Publications Committee 1984. Although this is an old publication, it is 
>worth knowing about. One of the tables lists the RHS Colour Chart 
>numbers with their corresponding ISCC-NBS color names and numbers, 
>Munsell notations, HCC colour names and numbers and CIE chromaticity 
>coordinates (x, y) and Daylight Reflectance (Y).

	This is still available from the American Rhododendron Society
@ $15.00--but to members only, the only item in their booklist so
designated.  (ARS QB Summer 04 P181)

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