David Sneddon
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 04:47:24 PDT
What a pleasant surprise those gigantic lilies we call Gymea Lilys are abundant in this area, 80Kms north of Sydney.
In fact even the first photo looked so much like an old work location at cumberland forest in Sydney's north that it bowled me over! 
These plants are also used as street plantings here abouts or on the shoulders of roads to provide screenings. 
The leaves are very like flax leaves but larger, and erect.
The flower is nearly always red but I'm told that occasionally a plant will flower white and was provided some from a local who said their plant was white flowering (will the seedlings grow on to be white ...I don't know).
If they were to be put into tubs it would need to be very deep and wide. Leaves are much taller than myself (6ft).
The flower trade here also uses juvanile leaves in flower arrangements as they are quite ornate.

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