New wiki photos--what name to use

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 22:18:44 PDT
Dear Lee,

Thanks so much for posting the information from the source about the 
correct name for Worsleya. I have linked your post to the wiki page and 
changed the name on the wiki page and changed the file names as well. As I 
tried to read through it and keep it all straight I was thinking about how 
this kind of thing can drive someone who just wants to learn the name of a 
plant and stick with it crazy. The suggestion for change in the way they 
handle naming plants you provided for us recently I found very intriguing 
and a much more practical way for us to keep track than the current system.

I thought your Lycoris looked very Amaryllis belladonna like too. I 
remember the year I ordered Amaryllis belladonna for an unnamed bulb 
company and it turned out to be a Nerine which was probably better since 
that made it more likely to bloom.

Finally while we are on the subject of names, in the past we created a wiki 
page for Hesperoxiphion peruvianum which is the same thing as Cypella 
peruviana which you have also just added to the wiki. I think we went with 
the other name since that was what some of the people who grew these plants 
thought was the proper term. Do we have any one wanting to make a case for 
either name as the correct one to use? I'm happy to reference both names on 
the wiki, but I don't think we should have pictures of the same plant 
calling it different things without explaining that it is the same thing. 
The pictures should be together on one page or the other with a cross 
reference on the other page.

Thanks for all the great additions to the wiki, pictures and text too. You 
always seem to have so many things in bloom when a lot of us Mediterranean 
gardeners are just getting started.

Mary Sue

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