Feeding bulbs (was Lachenalia)

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Thu, 07 Apr 2005 01:48:02 PDT
Dear Alberto,
I always read your comments with much intererest.
But I feel that this statement needs qualifying a bit more, as it is a very
interesting aspect when it concerns "bulbs".
 Plants only use minerals when there is chlorophytic activity.
 As for applying nutrients at the beginning of the cycle: the plants will
not use them, as long as they have no leaves. The plant uses its reserves to
create its structure. When the reserves become low, the plant should have
sufficient leaves to enable rebuilding its reserves by absorbing minerals.
When flowering takes place at the end of the cycle, leaves tend to
disintegrate and assimilation of minerals stops. In that case there is
little point of feeding the plant.
I look forward to hear, what the plant physiologists amongst will think.
Kind regards  

 le 6/04/05 21:42, Alberto Castillo à ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com a écrit :
> No, do not feed it until the seed setting is over. The period
> in which a winter or spring flowering bulbs is voracious is after the flower
> is produced until the leaves are drying off. There is another previous
> period in which it uses proper food and it is that between the root
> production and the emergence of the first leaf in Autumn. Use something high
> in potassium and with low or no nitrogen.

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