Geophytes in Crete

Jane McGary
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 16:00:22 PDT
Dennis Kramb wrote about Iris cretensis and Gynandriris sisyrinchium.

I. cretensis is a member of the same section as I. unguicularis and I. 
lazica, and presumably those are the only other species with which it could 
be hybridized, if one wanted to do such things.

Gynandriris sisyrinchium is easy to grow from seed, which is usually 
available from the NARGS and AGS exchanges. It also increases well 
vegetatively in my bulb frame, but I haven't tried it outdoors yet. I saw 
it at high enough elevations that I think it could be grown along the 
Pacific Coast, but the Midwest is another matter entirely. (On the other 
hand, I can't grow Manfreda!)

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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