Manfreda virginica

Dennis Kramb
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 10:40:04 PDT
>Hi Dennis:
>              Manfredas are rather undemanding gentle things. Those of 
> viriginica I have grown over the years stood slight frosts (down to - 6C) 
> and long hot warm seasons equally well in well drained soils. They are 
> obviously dormant in winter although evergreen and vigorous new growth 
> starts in spring . Flowers are produced in summer foloowed by plump seed 
> pods.  Joe Shaw (Conroe Joe) is a nice bulb friend and knows many of 
> these plants in the wild. I am sure he can provide info on its hardiness. 
> My Texan ones are grown in 5 gallon containers and remain evergreen. My 
> Mexicans (and one from Cuba) have no foliage in winter and are kept dry then.

Wow.  I know nothing about the genus.  I am surprised to hear it has 
species native to such tropical places too.  I'm happy with my locally 
native variety.  :-)  It's got to be able to withstand the winters here 
since I have no greenhouse or cold room or anything.  All my plants have to 
be grown outdoors in the garden.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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