more on Lycoris and rodents eating daffodils
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 17:25:10 PST
I planted a bag of 40 Lycoris bulbs and waited.  I didn't wait enough,  the 
area where they were planted got weedy and my husband and I both spent a bit  
of time one afternoon weeding it out.  When we were almost finished I found  2 
tall stems about as thick as hair with a cluster on the top.  Left them  in 
and just 2 days later, they had beautiful Lycoris blooms on them.  I was  upset 
but as my husband pointed out,  we didn't pull out the bulbs, just  ripped all 
the stems off before they bloomed so hopefully we will see some  this year.  
Neither of us realized they would have no leaves and 1 very  thin stem and 
weren't looking for them anyway.
Now as to narcissus and daffodils not being appetizing to rodents.  I  
planted about 400 daffodils one year and had beautiful blooms but not even  200.  
There are just a few left, I assume something ate them all.   Something that 
didn't read the posts on here saying they shouldn't.  The  deer in our 
neighborhood don't read either.
Carolyn in Los Gatos, CA

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