Crocus predators

Jane McGary
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 14:35:46 PST
Richard observed,
>I think that unless you have plentiful mouse predators in your area, that
>you are opening up a can of Mice! Predators and food limit the reproductive
>capacity of most rodents and you have provided them with a very high quality

They can get all the high-quality diet they want from the local bird 
feeders anyway, and there are a lot of predators (raptors, coyotes, 
weasels, feral cats, and my dogs). I'm just trying one more desperate 
maneuver to save my rare crocuses. The mice seem to be able to get the bait 
off the traps now without triggering them. I might try Jim's suggestion of 
an oil-filled container; I had thought about just a water-filled sunken 
container, since I sometimes find mice drowned in buckets in the garage, 
but sounds like the oil might actually attract them, especially if I float 
some seeds on top of it. It would be easy to sink a container in the deep 
plunge of the bulb frame. My only concern would be the oil attracting my 
dog to break into the frame!

Jane McGary

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