Tropaeolum dormancy
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 15:21:40 PST
Dear All,

I also have made the experience that some Tropaeolum tubers just do not sprout 
although they are firm and healthy. I grow mine in pots in a frost free 
greenhouse and keep the almost dry pots under the staging during the summer 
dormancy. T. tricolorum is very reliable and will sprout every autumn but I 
have a pot of T. brachyceras that grew for several years but now is dormant I 
think in its third year. I checked the pot in autumn and found a rock hard 
healthy tuber without any signs of desiccation nor damage but it just does not 
sprout. I do not know the reason.

There are also two pots of South African Ornitohgalums that have even flowered 
with me but now they have that same kind of dormancy with firm bulbs that are 
doing their second season of un-breakable dormancy.......Hmmmmmm. Any advice on 
how to talk them into growth?

Greetings from cold and wet AND DARK Germany..... and best wishes for Christmas


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