Crocus predator diversion

James Waddick
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 09:31:38 PST
Dear All;
	Like Jane I noticed Mike's comments. I had an shallow 
hillside with a couple hundred Crocus sieberi 'Firefly' naturalized 
until one year the squirrels found them and there's now only a 
handful remaining. Coincidentally I inter-planted about a thousand 
large trumpet daffodils and have had no squirrel problems since. 
Later I added a hundred of so C. sativus and seen no losses either.

	However crocus planted individually or in small groups 
disappear all too quickly due to these tree rats (and voles?).

	This all seems to point out that squirrels hate daffodils and 
will avoid even a large area around them.

	Obvbiously this wouldn't work in pots, but in the ground I 
recommend it highly.

		Jim W.
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