Growing Alstroemeria from stem cuttings?
Fri, 18 Feb 2005 20:07:01 PST

Is it possible to propagate Alstroemeria from the bottom of stems from cut flower bouquets? I saw bunches of some really nice ones in the floral section of a local supermarket. Would look nice growing in my shade garden, especially the all white ones with dark flecks. Too bad Valentine's day is passed. The bottom portions of stems (with a few nodes?) should be trimmed off once you bring the flowers home (anyways), --- but if I buy some now for my girlfriend and she sees the propagation pot with the trimmings in it she may suspect some ulterior motives!

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ 
USA zone 7

with Eulophia keithii in spike, "Deno'd" Dietes bicolor seeds sprouting (how do I grow them?), Arisaema ringens in refridgeration refusing to be delayed into sprouting (I want to get them in synch to bloom and cross with later blooming Arisaemas), and no sign of any of the Eranthis I spread around the garden last fall.

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