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Mon, 14 Feb 2005 10:05:15 PST
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> I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me if the Narcissus cultivar 'Tiny 
> Tot' is still in
> cultivation because I have a very similar cultivar of my own raising that I 
> would like to register, so that I can distribute it with a proper name.

Anne ~

From what I understand, this clone no longer exists -- certainly with its 
introducer.  I used to have some bulbs of this and made crosses with it over 30 
years ago.

I'm not certain I understand your need to have 'Tiny Tot' in hand before 
deciding to name and register your own seedling.  Often, seedlings from the same 
cross made by different hybridizers are named.  I should say, however, that 
often those seedling/s may not be better than or even equal to the original.  
That shouldn't stop you if your seedling has good form and substance and is a 
good grower (which, often, many little daffodil hybrids are not).  Go ahead with 
your intention.  It would be nice if you could obtain a digifoto to post to 
the listserv so we can all see your creation!

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Silverton, Oregon, USA
Cool Mediterranean climate with warm/hot, dry summers and cool/cold, wet 
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