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Barry Wright barry.wright@onetel.net
Thu, 17 Feb 2005 05:56:43 PST
Hello Dave,
Thank you very much for your information. I've posted photos of mine, and
another hybrid of mine, 'Jim Lad' for you to see.
I wasn't sure whether it was acceptable to name a plant which looks so close
to another named clone. I will name mine now. It is a good strong grower
(though I grow all my little daffs in pots plunged in sand in an unheated
alpine house so it hasn't been grown outside - our slugs are too voracious),
and increases by offsets and also very easily by twin-scaling.
Hope you like it!
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From what I understand, this clone no longer exists -- certainly with its
introducer.  I used to have some bulbs of this and made crosses with it over
years ago.

I'm not certain I understand your need to have 'Tiny Tot' in hand before
deciding to name and register your own seedling.  Often, seedlings from the
cross made by different hybridizers are named.  I should say, however, that
often those seedling/s may not be better than or even equal to the original.
That shouldn't stop you if your seedling has good form and substance and is
good grower (which, often, many little daffodil hybrids are not).  Go ahead
your intention.  It would be nice if you could obtain a digifoto to post to
the listserv so we can all see your creation!

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, Oregon, USA
Cool Mediterranean climate with warm/hot, dry summers and cool/cold, wet
email:  davekarn@aol.com

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